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Alberta Bee Pollen


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Bee pollen has been collected on the legs and bodies of worker bees while out foraging. It can also include some flower nectar and honey bee saliva. Pollens come from many plants in the area, so the contents of bee pollen will vary significantly depending on the region.

Bee pollen is taken for nutrition; as an appetite stimulant; to improve stamina and athletic performance; and for premature aging, PMS, hay fever & allergies, mouth sores, joint pain & many other symptoms.

It has also used for weight loss, bleeding problems including coughing or vomiting blood, nosebleed, brain hemorrhage, and menstrual problems.

Bee pollen can be used topically on skin as a skin softening product, a natural exfoliant in a face mask,  for treating eczema, pimples, and even diaper rash.

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